Will Rap 4 Food: Hunger Kills, Hip Hop Heals

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“Uniting Communities through Hip Hop Culture”

This session focuses on using art as a powerful social influence. It challenges the students to believe in the fundamental good of humanity, and teaches that with the proper knowledge and tools, we as a community, can make significant, positive change.

Will Rap 4 Food, Inc. educates, empowers, and mobilizes the Hip Hop community to be agents of change in the global eradication of hunger through awareness, unity, and the powerful influence of art. Will Rap 4 Food seeks to accomplish its mission via grassroots initiatives to include word-of-mouth, social networks, underground art and media, live community performances and benefit concerts, and impromptu acts of charity.

The organization was founded by Calvin “ProVerb” Roberson, in an effort to remove the negative connotation surrounding the hip hop community. His mission is to shed positive light on the Hip Hop community by empowering, educating, and unifying artists and supporters to raise awareness and contributions on the fight against hunger. Will Rap 4 Food is not limited to rappers or Washington, D.C. and acknowledges that Hip Hop is a global culture with various mediums of expression. They seek to utilize all art forms and promote inclusiveness for the cause.



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