The Michael Walton Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that provides creative outlets for youth development. Our purpose is to foster leadership skills and behaviors in young people by helping them to identify and cultivate their talents, set goals, and make informed career choices.


Michael Walton is a World-Class, professional Track and Field athlete with a heart for guiding young lives and a passion for community activism. Michael, under the direction of legendary track and field coach Al Joyner, has garnered an international reputation as a top sprinter. It is his belief that true success is measured not only by accomplishments but also by what we are willing to invest in our next generation. Through the Foundation, he has had a profound impact on our young people and continues to create opportunities that educate them while inspiring them to be great.




The Michael Walton Foundation provides positive outlets for youth and young adults through creative programs and services. Stay updated on our progresses.


Michael Walton Foundation has a dedicated growth plan that will expand the target market both culturally and geographically through creative programs and events.


The Michael Walton Foundation does many events including annual programs and tours every year. You can now view the dedication, excitement and the fun in our gallery.




Join us August 8th for the Speak Out to Reach Out Banquet. Enjoy an evening of dinner and dancing with guest speaker Laron Profit, Assistant Coach of the Orlando Magic, that helps raise funds for the Speak Out to Reach Out program. Order tickets now for this black tie event hosted by The Michael Walton Foundation with Diversity Lodge #330.

 Leadership and Empowerment Forums
The focus of the Teen Leadership Conference and the MWF Empowerment Forums is to empower teens to “take charge” of their future while setting the tone as trendsetters for their generation.

Speak Out to Reach Out
Speak Out to Reach Out Tour Conceived in 2001, the Speak Out to Reach Out tour was the vehicle that served a great role in inspiring Michael Walton to launch the Michael Walton Foundation.


    Even if no one else believes in me, I believe in myself and trust that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Thank you Michael Walton for setting a good example by achieving goals everyday and finding the time to teach us kids to believe, study and work hard–7th Grade Student, James Madison Middle School, Prince George's County, Maryland

    When Michael Walton spoke to us it left me speechless. He told us a story about a crossroads in his life in which is mother gave him inspiration that led to him accomplishing great things for years to come. That day when I went home I applied myself more than ever. I picked up a book, started reading and studying. I learned so much from the assembly. If you have a dream go for it and don't let anyone rob you of that dream.–10th Grade Student, Dr. Henry Wise High School, Prince George's County, Maryland

    Believing in goals means never giving up hope that you can do it! I used to think I would never go to college, never become anything, but, the Speak Out to Reach Out tour inspired me to keep trying and never back down. Michael Walton did not give up on his dream and look at him, his dreams came true.–12th Grade Student, Dr. Henry Wise High School, Prince George's County, Maryland

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