Founder of the Michael Walton Foundation: Michael Walton

Hi, I’m Michael Walton.  The Michael Walton Foundation (MWF) is a non-profit youth organization that I founded in 2002 that currently serves inner city youth throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan community.

Michael Walton

As an athlete and a leader I’ve always felt that I had a responsibility to provide a voice of encouragement and inspiration to the children of the generation that followed mine.  Along with that encouragement and inspiration I also wanted to provide vehicles to help carry young people to successful futures and provide them with the best opportunity to succeed.

I believe we can’t fault children for what they don’t know or what they haven’t been taught.  But rather we, as leaders, have to step up and make it a point to take these young hearts by the hand and guide them, just as we no doubt were guided and influenced by others when we were kids.

Throughout the year I am in front of tens of thousands of high school and middle school aged students.  Most of the students are from lower income communities and broken homes.  A lot of the same children you hear of failing out of school, involved in crime and selling or abusing drugs.  Yet these are the same children that when I’m in front of them, talking real talk and bringing positive messages, they are on the edge of their seat anticipating each word, respectful, attentive, insightful and with open hearts.  These kids are waiting for . . yearning for someone to believe in them and for role models to come off all of our glam for a minute and make ourselves real so that they can have a road map to follow.  So, the Michael Walton Foundation is my way of saying to this generation that ‘yes’ I do believe in you and I’ve dedicated myself to seeing you realize the greatness that lies with you.

I would like to thank our board members, all of our donors, volunteers and partners across the country for believing in me and our shared vision and mission of “Enlightening, Exposing & Empowering Youth Leaders”.

Make each day your masterpiece!


Michael Walton is more than just an athlete; he is a pioneer making a difference in the Washington DC area communities”– IDEAL PR

What we’re doing here is about giving students a sense of hope and direction.  When they hear our stories, they find that we were just like them. We’ve shared the same struggles, but our decisions and dedication to hard work were what separated us from our peers"–Michael Walton

I believe in what he is doing in youth education.  I believe in what he is doing by mentoring our youth in Washington that desperately need role models'–Lizette Coro, CEO, The Webster Group



Michael Walton is a World-Class, professional Track and Field athlete with a heart for guiding young lives and a passion for community activism. Michael, under the direction of legendary track and field coach Al Joyner, has garnered an international reputation as a top sprinter.

It is his belief that true success is measured not only by accomplishments but also by what we are willing to invest in our next generation. Through the Foundation, he has had a profound impact on our young people and continues to create opportunities that educate them while inspiring them to be great.

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