Michael Walton Foundation (MWF) is designed to Enlighten, Expose, and Empower youth leaders of tomorrow. We currently do so through four key programs.


Speak Out to Reach Out Tour – Developed in 2001, the Speak Out to Reach Out tour was the vehicle that inspired Michael Walton to launch the Michael Walton Foundation. It began with Michael visiting Washington, D.C.; Prince George’s County and Montgomery County (Maryland) High and Middle Schools to provide a message of hope and determination to hundreds of students at a time. Over the years, it has established a strong following and has flourished into one of the most sought after programs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area reaching in excess of 130,000 students sense its inception. The tour currently possesses an all-star line up of celebrities and professionals, in addition to Michael, united to reach thousands of young hearts throughout the year. Each presenter chronicles there journey to success in a way that presents the children with an expectation of accomplishing goals and dreams in the same manner. The tour is entertaining yet informative, fun yet life altering and is designed to decrease drop out rates, raise test scores and boost self esteem! For more information or to bring the Speak Out to Reach Out tour to your city, school, or organization please contact us at or 301.868.0171.


MWF Youth Squad – Affectionately known as “Tha Squad,” the Michael Walton Foundation Youth Squad consists of children ages 10 – 18 from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This program was created as an avenue of following up on the message of hope brought forth during the Speak Out to Reach Out Tour but on a more intimate level. The children are provided activities in career development, cultural enrichment, and community service, as well as leadership training. Interested children must go through an application process and are then selected based off certain criteria. Space is limited. “Tha Squad” meets approximately twice a month. To apply to become a member of the MWF Youth Squad, please click here or contact us at .


Taking the L.E.A.D. – This program is a quarterly forum (4 times per year) in which community leaders, notables, and special guests are brought together by the MWF Youth Squad to form a panel of experts in order to address specific topics that are on the minds and hearts of our young people. In a town hall setting, youth are presented with the subject matter and provided an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable sharing their true thoughts and concerns amongst peers and panelists that have their best interest at heart. Previous topics of discussion have included – the effects of Hip Hop culture on today’s youth, solutions to violence amongst teens and young adults, and AIDS/HIV. For additional information on how you can be a part of our next Taking the L.E.A.D. forum please click here or contact us at .

Ambassadors of Hope International Youth Leadership Exchange  –  In 2010 the Michael Walton Foundation joined forces with the Washington DC and Brazil chapters of the Partners of the America’s to conduct it’s first international exchange program.  This international leadership exchange opportunity provides high school student leaders from the United States to expand their horizons by visiting a foreign country.  While in that country youth stay with host families to give them an opportunity to experience the true essence and culture of the country.  Through the program they also experience first hand what schools systems, government and day to day life is like in the country while presenting the United States of America and their respective city and high school.  This exchange truly transforms the lives and perspective of the students that earn the opportunity to participate!  For information on how your school or child contact us at


Michael Walton Foundation Teen Leadership and Empowerment Forums

“Team Behind the Teen” Community Weekend

Field Day DC (on the National Mall, Washington DC)

MWF Annual Fundraising Gala and Celebration of Excellence Awards

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