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“The Importance of Volunteering”

Volunteering is more than logging hours for high school graduation. By participating in volunteer activities, teens discover they can make a difference in their community and beyond. By doing things that interest them, teens often gain new skills and find new career opportunities that they hadn’t thought of before. In addition, the experiences gained in volunteer settings can provide teens with skills in leadership and decision-making, and also look attractive on college and scholarship applications. This session serves to reinforce the value of volunteerism through community stories while highlighting local volunteer opportunities for teens.

HandsOn DC is a community-based non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. It is dedicated to creating better schools and brighter futures for District of Columbia public school students. HandsOn DC was founded in the fall of 1994 by a half-dozen friends who wanted to improve the quality of life in region. They were particularly concerned by reports about poor conditions in the District’s public schools and dedicated themselves to helping local students get a better education.

HandsOn Greater DC Cares comprehensively mobilizes volunteers and strengthens nonprofits to better impact communities and the key issues in the Greater DC region. They work with a network of more than 860 nonprofits, 43,000 volunteers and a host of corporate and foundation partners to positively impact the region.

This year HandsOn DC is working with many DC public schools to paint, landscape, organize classrooms, refurbish and rebuild, and perform other unique and creative projects to improve and enliven the school environment in an effort to foster optimism in the children who will call these fields, halls, and rooms a second home during the school year. HandsOn DC exists to send an important message to our children: The community cares about your future.


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