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“Uniting Communities through Sports”

The workshop draws on Peace Players International’s experience using sports to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided and under-served communities around the world. The speaker told the story of the accomplishments of youth, working in some of the world’s most dangerous areas, using sports as a motivator and common denominator. The emphasis of the workshop is on how the students can bring key learning points to life in their own communities.

PPI is a global nonprofit organization that uses the game of basketball to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities worldwide.

PPI was founded in 2001 by brothers Sean and Brendan Tuohey, based on the premise that “children who play together can learn to live together.” Through a groundbreaking peace building-and-leadership development curriculum, PPl uses basketball to bring children together and teach them proven tactics for fostering peace in their communities. PPI currently operates year-round programs in South Africa, Northern Ireland, Israel and the West Bank, and Cyprus.



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