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“The Empowerment of Community through Music”

This workshop will emphasize the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and pursing your dreams with passion and determination.

Austin Ellis performs an impromtu performance for students during lunch at the MWF Teen Empowerment Forum

Austin Ellis, musician raised on equal doses of R&B and Rock, the Latin-American artist earned a degree in Songwriting and Music Business from the well-respected Recording Industry Program at Middle Tennessee State University. Hailing from North Beach, Maryland, Ellis has performed up and down the East Coast including New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and ventured west to perform in Nashville, Los Angeles and even as far as Melbourne, Australia. Austin tells a story of how “Music saved [his] life.” “When I was down and nearly out, a song helped pick me up. If I can do that for someone, then the hard work is worthwhile.”


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