See, Believe, and Achieve

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“See, Believe, and Achieve: The Importance of Wellness to Help Achieve Goals”

This session provided an educational, inspirational, and interactive journey promoting positive solutions for students in dealing with everyday life and social changes. Included in the session was the message of suicide prevention. The program helps reduce stigma associated with asking for help by telling giving the students the message that it is okay to ask for help and to talk about the word “suicide”. The students were given “yellow ribbon cards”. The cards serve as a “voice” for youth when they can’t find the words to say, “I need help”.

The “See, Believe and Achieve” program was founded by Ane Romero to share her love for life and focus on the importance of overall wellness, mental health, and positive goal setting skills. Ane is a part of the International Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program created primarily to address youth/teen/young adult suicide (ages 10-25) through public awareness campaigns, education and training and by helping communities build capacity.


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