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“The Catastrophic Consequences of Distracted Driving”

There are all kinds of distracted driving, including eating, putting on makeup, playing music too loudly, texting, cell-phone use, map-reading, rubber-necking, and drinking while driving. Any kind of distracted driving can be lethal. This presentation focuses mostly on the devastating consequences of texting and cell-phone use while driving and highlights the wide array of consequences of distracted driving in general: injuries, guilt, civil and criminal penalties, impact on education and job opportunities, etc.

Regan, Zambri, Long & Bertram is a law firm with a mission to secure justice for those who have suffered tragedy and to protect our community by enforcing safety rules. The firm invests a substantial amount of time and resources into the Washington, DC community to charitable, professional, and educational organizations.

The presenter is a top trial lawyer in the DC area and uses footage from real accidents and tells the story of how an accident caused by a distracted driver impacts the families of the victim and livelihood of the driver.


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