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Covenant House Washington

MWF Workshop Covenant House Forum “Hip Hop and the Village”

This workshop engages the students in a conversation about the impact of media images and messages on individuals and society, particularly those in Hip Hop, and their relation to urban communities. It explores topics such as violence in the media, advertising, the portrayal of crimes and representations of ethnic groups in the media.  The speaker engages students by asking questions such as:

“Are these messages a true reflection of our community?” and

“What responsibility, if any, should artist have in the communities they reach?”

The Covenant House Washington supports the needs of young people who suffer from homelessness, abuse and neglect. Covenant House Washington’s mission is to serve suffering children of the street with absolute respect and unconditional love. Covenant House Washington’s vision is three-fold: to protect young people from the streets and from dangerous living situations; to enhance their lives through substantial services and support so that they may transition to adulthood successfully; and to advocate with them and on their behalf, when necessary, so that future generations of children, teenagers and young adults do not face the same crippling challenges as today’s struggling young people face.

Each year, Covenant House Washington reaches hundreds of kids in Washington, DC and beyond via street outreach, our crisis shelter, transitional housing programs, workforce and education programs, our prevention services and our child development center, making us the largest privately-funded agency serving runaway and homeless youth in the Washington, DC region.


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