RI Students Get Together, Building Leadership and Affecting Change

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Students from Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex came together and, on the other side of Rhode Island, Dunns Corner Community Church Presbyterian hosted more students.  All coming together to increase understanding of themselves and others, to make positive changes in the RI community, and to build leadership and life skills.

Prior to students’ arrival Michael set the challenge. “What are we hoping to accomplish? We hope to show how people from different communities can work together cooperatively.”

Nkoli Onye, Principal of Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex, said of the event, “Is this important? Nothing is going to change without our youth being a part of it. We need to empower our youth. We need to hear their voice, support their work.”  The older leaders agreed the students in this group are all leaders with the potential to do great things together.



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