Speak Out To Reach Out Tour hits Rhode Island

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Speak Out To Reach Out Tour hits Rhode Island

The Michael Walton Foundation and its flagship program ‘Speak Out to Reach Out’ hit Rhode Island like a vengeance! The tour kicked off its annual event with a Silent Auction Luncheon hosted by the Foundation and the ‘Teen Team’ youth group followed by a Youth Rally. The rally was attended by teens, parents and community leaders. “What a great event! I loved every minute of it”, said Westerly Town Manager Derrick Kennedy. For the next two days, the panelists for this year’s event:  Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields, former NFL Running Back William Green, Author & Educator Dr. Derek Greenfield, former Los Angeles Lakers Guard Laron Profit and former USA Sprinter Michael Walton, would make such an amazing and inspiring impact on youth, parents, teachers, administrators…many being brought to tears.
“You are the present, don’t wait, you can make an impact right now, right where you are,” said Dr. Derek Greenfield.
“We’re not born winners or losers, we are born choosers,” said former NFL running back William Green.
“Michael has made such an impact on my boys, so much so that my boys were willing to walk 5 miles to get to the youth group meetings because I had to work,” said one parent with tears in her eyes. “If you want to write a big check in life, you’ve got to make deposits so that when you go to write that big check, make that withdrawal, the funds, the hard work that you’ve put in will be there.” said Michael Walton.
Loren Profit said to a gymnasium filled with high schoolers, “You’ve got to go from saying I want good grades to I must get good grades.”
“I battled depression for years, thinking I wasn’t smart enough, I wasn’t pretty enough. I hated my voice. I had to change my thinking,” said Savvy Shields.



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